The evolution of TV Casting is here

HTM Casting at leonardo hotels

When the TV Casting revolution started, a few years ago, it began in a slow and shy manner. After all, not only you needed a device that would connect to your television, but you also needed a mobile device which would send your multimedia content to the TV.

So, as with everything in technology, we all had to wait and allow manufacturers to launch new models on smartphones and tablets which catered for the new TV Casting features.

It didn’t really take long for the market to be filled with new devices capable of sending your multimedia content to your television. And very soon, hotels had to embrace this new trend.

The challenge was to develop platforms which allowed for hospitality to control the access to TV devices in a secure and straightforward manner, for all guests to enjoy.

At HTM, we have installed a few of the available solutions in the market and have been quite happy with the service we provide to our clients.

We have recently deployed a portfolio-wide TV Casting solution to Leonardo Hotels, based in a purposely built platform. This solution consists of Google dongles connected to the TVs in the bedrooms, to which guests can connect via a simple QR code, unique to each television device.

With this solution, hoteliers can:

  • Manage access and monitor usage of the casting equipment through an online dashboard.
  • Have access to real-time statistics.
  • Monitor all devices for availability at any time of the day.

This system has proven a preferred choice for many hotels who aren’t looking into replacing the current TV devices. At HTM, we can provide you with similar solutions from MComs and Zafiro.

However, TV Casting technology is evolving, fast.

Manufacturers like Philips (PPDS) and LG have introduced built-in Chromecast solutions into their latest specialised hospitality screens, giving hoteliers a broader choice of products.

We can even create and design your access screen for the TV.

What the new available technology offers:

  • One device only for TV and Casting solutions.
  • Centralised and cost-effective.
  • Management via Cloud or on-premise server.

Along with the traditional Chromecast dongle technology, we can also provide you with the new built-in capable televisions and IPTV systems which work alongside any of the previous options. We can provide both types of service, depending on your property project.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your exiting TV devices or acquire new ones, we can help. Contact HTM today for a free consultation.