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Why settle for anything less than extraordinary?

Deliver TV, Casting, digital signage and interactive information to all areas of your hotel, with unrivaled quality and flexibility. With total control of content, customisable and highly engaging. It also  includes the TVs, all needed hardware, software, monitoring, support and a decent price tag.

This is HTM TV & Casting. Our new service collection offers the option to install Hospitality TVs from market leaders Philips Professional and Samsung, while using Philips CMND or MComs IPTV systems to power your property.

casting screen at leonardo hotels

One system to rule them all

Philips Hospitality TVs work together with CMND, a software suite designed to manage the entire IPTV, Casting and Digital Signage in your hotel. CMND can be installed on-premise using it’s own dedicated server, or live in the Philips cloud environment.

4K Televisions: When guests are streaming their own videos, playing a fully animated game or viewing their holiday photos. 4K makes the difference in colour gamut, backlight dimming, and peak brightness. Screen sizes available: 32” to 75”.

PMS Integration: Philips CMND integrates with your existing PMS to display guest details.

Google TV: Guests can access their favourite apps and games through the bedroom TV.

Netflix embedded: Once a room is checked-in the guests can access the Netflix app. Account information is automatically erased at check-out for effortless management and GDPR compliancy, with an easy option for guests to manually sign-out as well.

Built-in Chromecast: enables the wireless casting of movies, presentations, and more from smart devices (mobiles, laptops, tablets) to your Philips Android TV. It’s cost-effective as it requires no extra hardware, is secure and exerts no extra load on your Wi-Fi network when casting over a LAN connection.

UI Customisation: Full control over how your IPTV menus look and feel.

Extended lifetime: A future-proof TV system that can be upgraded instead of outdated.

In-depth Analytics: A Philips-provided service for gaining insight into TV and content usage. Whether in guest rooms or elsewhere in your property.

HTM Casting at leonardo hotels

A Fast and reliable
TV solution for hotels

HTM TV & Casting is a collection of coud-based and on-premise solutions  built on an advanced platform, powered by Mcoms or Zafiro, depending on your needs and hotel branding requirements.

These are two highly advanced systems used in hundreds of hotels around the world, including the Middle East and North America, serving over 150.000 rooms.

The full solution includes:

  • IPTV and VoD.
  • Casting for bedroom TVs.
  • Digital Signage.
  • Mobile app.

HTM TV & Casting can be installed for use on in-room TVs, guest devices and public screens, increasing your channels of communication, engagement and promotion withing the hotel premises, reaching a wider audience amongst your guests.

More information about your services also means more revenue and improved guest experience.

You don’t need to change your TVs and we make sure the Chromecast devices – where needed – are securely attached to the TVs, preventing theft and damage to the hardware.

Because the system integrates with your PMS, it’s easier than ever to manage guest access, even when they change accomodation, providing seamless personalisation for every guest. The system acn display a customised welcome message, send reminders to the guest’s devices with many other options available.

Our TV & Casting services include

  • Real-time statistics dashboard.
  • Dongle or built-in chromecast devices.
  • Secure Wi-Fi access.
  • Cloud-based or on-premise servers (where possible).
  • Full integration with existing PMS.

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