Hotel Networked Solutions

Providing a Robust Network Solution to Meet Your Hotel’s Requirements

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Our Team Can Help Provide a Robust Network Solution to Meet Your Hotel's Requirements,

Ensuring Minimal Cost or Equipment Updates, Future-Proofing Your Network Infrastructure.

Faster Fibre Services

Our team of experts plan and install fixed fibre connection that don’t compromise on the speed, bandwidth, or reliability of your hotel’s fibre optic internet service.

Working within the hospitality market, htm work with specific niche vendors to ensure a better route for services. We are capable of delivering higher levels of service quality and high availability network connections than the larger, more obvious “national or international companies”.

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htm Fibre Solutions:

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Fibre to Site

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Broadband to Site – ADSL (Faster Connection)

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Wireless Provision Point to Point

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Switches (PoE and Non-PoE)

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Fibre in the Building

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Fibre to the Cabinet

SIP Trunks

htm offer low-cost bundles with our SIP trunks to hundreds of hotels across the United Kingdom. Our SIP trunks improve on operational costings for our client’s hotels, whilst ensuring a secure connection for guests and staff. Our team of experts will monitor (using our specialist monitoring services) your lines ensuring protection against toll fraud, auto-attendant re-direct, operator collect calls, SIP registration fraud and much more.

Network Redundancy & Diversity

Having a reliable network in your hotel is more important than ever, especially with high demand from guests needing a dependant connection day and night. Yet having a network failure or unplanned outage can happen, every moment of system downtime means a potential loss of revenue for your hotel.

Depending on your hotel’s risk tolerance, htm meticulously plan a quick-response backup system, tailored to your hotel’s needs. We conduct a detailed analysis of our partners so that we can offer the best method for your hotel, whether that be redundancy or a fully diverse network. Mitigating your hotel’s risk of unplanned outages to ensure continuity of your operation, through an instant redirect. 

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