Core to every hotel business is a robust and cost effective guest wired/wireless network and internet service. With High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) now a key differentiator for the majority of the travelling public in their choice of hotel accommodation, htm have developed a wealth of experience and knowledge surrounding this key hotel technology in order to provide consultancy, quality service and on-going 24/7 guest & hotel support.

The big change in recent times is the understanding that this WiFi network can now be used as a replacement for DECT systems (Voice) and this means that a difference set of rules apply when constructing a new WiFi network, an area that traditional WiFi installers in hospitality could struggle to understand. Rather than spend money on maintaining old DECT systems, why not spend this money on improving WiFi and then using Smartphones or modern WiFi Cordless phones to roam the building. Samsung, for example, has perfected a solution for using WiFi when inside the building and seamlessly transferring to the GSM network as you walk out of the building…see our section on “Wireless Voice / Mobility”.

Working with partners that offer tried and tested products as well those pushing the innovation boundaries, htm are well-equipped to design and offer a solution, developed with a robust suite of products.

From the design of a solution to its delivery, you can have peace of mind in htm’s engineering and project team to help your business needs. With a decade of experience in wireless technologies, we have a capability to understand wireless coverage across the most challenging of environments. Our skill in the design and placement of access points to maximize coverage and to ensure maximum throughput of data has been a key factor in our high client retention over many years. This encompasses the use of sophisticated WiFi survey planning software to produce heat-maps of WiFi coverage.

Any guest wireless service relies on a number of key factors, these being Network, Internet Gateway & Access Point Technology, as well as guest support & on-site services.

At htm we have a longstanding relationship with ANTlabs for their leading Internet Gateway product (InnGate). Our decision to use this as a core portfolio item has been part of our wireless solution for many years. With the need for greater flexibility to “dynamically deliver” a hotel’s incoming internet bandwidth and to then “dynamically deliver” guaranteed levels of bandwidth for key areas or clients, only gateway products that have a high Quality of Service (QoS) capability will be able to deliver this. ANTlabs also have an optional Multi Quality of Service module that allows for the ultimate in bandwidth allocation. This allows for some guests to be given “Guaranteed” levels of bandwidth.

Working with each client, we design and implement a guest portal page, reflecting their brand and property, allowing each guest to connect via a chosen method whether complementary or through chargeable means with the addition of guaranteed or fixed bandwidth options.

Central to htm’s relationship with our clients is the support that we deliver for each of their customers across each of their properties. Using one of the largest hospitality call centres in the world, equipped with call centre technology to take guest enquires 24/7 with additional 2nd & 3rd line UK support for more complex guest issues, htm have all aspects of support covered, including the ability to provide hotels with call recordings and a multitude of reporting tools. Using our core service skills and site information, our agents can help guests resolve local technology issues in a speedy fashion to ensure guest satisfaction.

When an issue requires on-site support, all our engineers are multi-skilled in their capacity to resolve both voice & data technical problems. Depending on the service contract chosen, htm can be on site in 4 hours attending to issues and keeping site contacts informed of progress and resolution. Htm take service seriously and have made significant investment in the development of a Client Dashboard which allows each of our clients to view their site/s to see current availability, bandwidth usage and revenues generated. Please ask us for a demonstration of this service offering.

htm are here to specify, evaluate with you, then install, support and provide future technology advice so you stay at the front of your guests’ minds when they seek to book with you next.