Despite the growth of mobile traffic in both business and everyday life, fixed telephony and telephone systems are still a core requirement for hoteliers. From call centre solutions, booking environments, and operator positions through to IP admin telephones and front of house devices, htm have partnered with a selection of vendors that offer best of breed technology in this area.

htm install phone systems and related telephony products from Samsung and Mitel, along with their system telephones and integrated voicemail platforms. htm has taken its time to choose the right partners, using many years technical and customer support experience to develop the product portfolio and this is constantly evolving, hence our most recent exciting partner status with Samsung.

The evolution of technology in hotels and businesses, big and small, has seen a dramatic move to replacing aging PBX (or PABX) systems with new systems which rely on IP (internet protocol) technologies such as VoIP or SIP trunking. This move is driven by both functionality and cost and at htm we’ve already helped customers embrace these technology challenges and we are here to help you with your own migration path. From understanding a current situation, its positives and negatives, through to ascertaining aspirations and new requirements in a new voice platform. Finally, any of these latest solutions can be provided as either a cloud-based managed service or a traditional installation, or a combination of both.

Our relationship with Mitel dates back over 20 years and we value the reliability of the hardware and the UK-based support that our engineers receive. Mitel’s hardware and software solutions are all highly professional and it is for this reason that Mitel has succeeded with so many UK hoteliers – its Hotel-specific software features, powerful screen-based operator consoles and intuitive IP Featurephones for Administrative staff all add up to form a sensible telephony solution for a hotelier.

World-renowned for their consumer technology, htm have recently partnered with Samsung as we believe they offer a really new approach to communications, one that is built around the way people use their mobile devices. Integrated telephony & voice, mobility & WiFi and a wealth of features and benefits designed as a unified platform of possibilities. The big difference is that it is all so easy to use!

Traditionally a hotel required a separate PBX, guest WiFi, back office LAN infrastructure & for cordless capability (a DECT infrastructure). With Samsung’s enterprise eco system you’ll be using one infrastructure. Samsung have been designing and building technology for most of the major global network vendors and now their Enterprise Eco System uses all that skill and experience to deliver a new portfolio of products for telephony and wireless services.

So whether you’re connecting to guest internet, housekeeping devices, back office management or telephony, Samsung have a hospitality solution to meet your needs today and into the future.  We are already delivering this innovative solution and if you would like to know more or you have a need for a quote, please contact us.

Meteor Call Accounting see Imaginesoft

With the advent of mobile technology, global calling plans and a universal awareness of calling rates from hotels, the guest room telephone has fallen from favour in recent years as a mechanism for making outbound calls. At htm we believe there is still a revenue stream available to hoteliers by means of offering a “no-limit calling plan” for every guest for a nominal flat fee rate, which can be offered as a room addition or, indeed, it can be built into the overall room rate. Working with some of our clients, htm have been able to identify a revenue model that offers guests a service that can deliver a revenue stream, but at the very least offer an additional value-add and differentiator from others. Our Call Accounting platform by Meteor is flexible, secure and has an easy to access web portal for reporting, billing or system management. Installed in hotels across Europe, Meteor is compatible with all leading types of telephone systems and htm offer a number of commercial options within the service and support offering. contact us for more information

The three common questions htm are asked about Meteor Call Accounting:

  • What is important about Call Accounting and Management?
  • Why do I need it?
  • How can I make the investment pay?

There is so much pressure on telephone revenue in hotels these days, you could ask “why invest in such a system?”.

Meteor satisfies the need to provide good quality information about guest expenditure, support executives travelling to your hotels who now have to be able to demonstrate the ‘business purpose’ behind their travel, meetings and even meals in restaurants. It increases your ability to fulfil this need to provide documentary evidence, your due diligence telephony checks and, we believe, compliance with the rules of the most demanding potential customer purchasing departments.

htm understands the need for the hoteliers to protect their biggest asset, their hotel guest. We work hard with hoteliers to provide and support you, if required, with marketing and implementing aggressive calling packages.

This could include:

  • A “free calling” plan for the first ten minutes for Executive floor or VIP guests.
  • Guest or staff fraud management.
  • Tiered billing and rate management, align htmVoice minutes to wholesale or correct country dialling patterns.

It could improve your guest satisfaction results of our client hotels. What happens in your hotel every February the 14th? You are quick to advertise a Valentine’s Special with wine and chocolates, yet how many parents receive the opportunity to quickly call home for free to check on their children?

Meteor – the intelligent solution. As used by hundreds of Accor sites across the world including Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure, Ibis, Suitehotels, Etap Hotels. Also installed in many Le Meridien properties in Europe and some selected palace hotels including the Lotti Hotel in Paris, the Hotel Amigo in Belgium, the Columbus Hotel in Monaco to name a few. In the UK and Ireland, Meteor has been installed in nearly all HTM-maintained sites.

Voicemail Services

Meteor voicemail is the ultimate service for handling your hotel guest and staff messages. A proven hotel and serviced apartment voicemail solution, installed in hotels throughout Europe, fully supported by the htm service team.

The Meteor Voicemail solution also acts as an auto-wake-up solution, with proper alarms on failed wake-up calls and full, detailed historical reports on wake-up call activity. Invaluable! Meteor is fully integrated to MICROS Fidelio and other leading PMS systems for hotels so that any failed wake-up calls are prompted onto FOH screens.

Try managing a group wake-up call for 200 guests. Auto-wake up solutions from Meteor are easy!

A guest arriving tired, possibly on the red-eye into Heathrow enters their room. She is only thinking of starting the laptop, collecting the e-mailed presentation from the office and to freshen up. A colleague in another room telephones, followed by a call from the London office and then an ex-colleague who knows the flight has arrived. The result is a rushed and possibly stressed guest, who fails to use the time after arriving to her best advantage. Voicemail is still a valued service.

Voicemail for guests was primarily a tool for staff to be able to leave messages for guests instead of taking down written messages. It is STILL used to put through callers for guests which is a much easier option for staff. Don’t forget that trying to encourage staff to “take messages” for guests can result in disasters. Language errors, translation errors, with the best will in the world, are bound to happen and it is much safer to encourage a caller to leave a message for your guest. Don’t risk it, use voicemail!!

Meteor system Wake-Up calls are used by hotel guests at some hotels up to a maximum of 35% Monday to Friday during certain weeks of the year. The global Meteor average across all installed hotels is less at 10 to 20%, subject to leisure guest content, weekends and holidays.