The potential disruption to a hotel caused by a communication or technology breakdown, the call down to the Front Desk by an irate guest and the subsequent feedback via social media are all events that no hotelier wants to experience. At htm, our service, support and account management capabilities have all been contributors cited by our clients as reasons for remaining with us. Our friendly team place you at the centre of our business and linked with our technical knowledge and back office IT systems, we are here to help when things don’t go according plan, as we put it Delivered, Supported, Reported.

As part of any service or solution delivered by htm, our virtual team of project managers, account managers and installation engineers work towards an agreed customer goal and key installation criteria with you. On competition of a project, the documented service plan is handed over to our service team to consolidate this into our service systems and more importantly our Client Dashboard.

Client Dashboard

One of our projects for the last 2 years has been to develop a “Client Dashboard” that gives our clients access to statistics and general information on all the systems we support / solutions we are managing. This covers all technologies such that you can see all your services and systems through one portal. This clearly only applies to systems we support and systems that are new enough for us to be able to extract data. As you can see from th example below, you would be able to see data and reporting on all our general Service Desk, HSIA Gu:est Support Desk platforms along with SNMP charts to instantly view the status of any IP device on your network. Whilst some companies offer similar services, htm is unique in the breadth of products we cover under a SINGLE Dashboard.



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Standard Service Level Support

htm can design a service contract around your individual business needs, but our standard, non-Guest HSIA, offering with critical failure coverage is our primary service which supports the majority of our hotel clients with Mitel and Samsung telephony and Meteor call accounting and voice mail. Whether you’re in central London, Dublin or Aberdeen, htm standard hardware and software support maintenance contracts allow us to help keep your business operational.

Standard Service for Telephony & Meteor – Monday to Friday, 09:00 am – 5.00pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

Standard Service includes :

  • Telephone system cover
  • Internal system cards
  • System handsets
  • Internal building cabling
  • Key interface alarms (as per technologies or systems being supported)
  • Network support, subject to agreed SLA
  • Meteor Call Accounting
  • Meteor Voicemail
  • Meteor Messaging
  • Meteor Back-Office Server and reporting
  • Key system and billing interface alarms (as per technologies or systems being supported)

Should this be not enough, you have the flexibility to choose from any of the following commonly requested options:

  • 24 hour a day cover, 365 days a year
  • Weekend and public holiday cover
  • Central processor only cover
  • VTech Bedroom Telephone (Analogue or SIP) Maintenance
  • Tele- worker handsets and other key worker only cover
  • Additional system training cover (helps address issues relating to loss of knowledge due to staff turnover)
  • Disaster recovery – making provisions to have your systems up and running should the worst happen to your business (i.e. fire or flood)

In addition, htm also offer bespoke services which are specifically tailored to your hotel needs, it may be something such as asking to include:

  • 15 minutes per site per day (fixed, not cumulative) free telephone system remote programming for moves or changes.
  • Reduced engineer on site response times than those normally contracted.
  • Engineer on site for key conference, contracted out to event organizer for VoIP and Wi-Fi set-up and support.
  • Structured cabling support services for integrated solutions

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HSIA Guest Support – 24/7/365

The use of leading edge technologies from Samsung, Ruckus and ANTlabs means we can assure you of first time Internet connectivity rates comparable with the best of the global guest Internet providers. htm realize that with the diverse range of devices being brought to a hotel by a guest, there are always reasons why a guest may need to make a support call due to issues getting on line.

This is why our HSIA Guest Support comes with a high quality offering as standard, usually contracted over a period of three years. Most faults are fixed remotely, however when necessary, we will, as you would expect, send an engineer to your hotel to fix the problem. htm’s Network Operating Centre (NOC) monitors the broadband connection to the hotel constantly to minimise potential disruptions to the guest HSIA service and report any fault to the service provider, then update the hotel (usually before the hotel realises it has a problem). All information pertaining to calls, issues and bandwidth availability, as well much more, is delivered onto our Client Dashboard for you to review as part of your IT management tools.

HSIA Guest support includes:

  • Guest Internet system cover – 24 hour a day cover, 365 days a year
  • Billing interface alarms (as per technologies or systems being supported)
  • WiFi access points and other equipment covering the hotel lobby, public areas or meeting rooms
  • Additional training cover (helps address issues relating to loss of knowledge due to staff turnover)
  • Disaster recovery – making provisions to have your systems up and running should the worst happen to your business (i.e. fire or flood)
  • Client Dashboard

In addition, htm can also offer bespoke services, these could include:

  • SIP telephone and content management services
  • Billing rate changes and programming for marketing and sales campaigns, free for 30 minutes, free for visiting VIPs – it can all be done.
  • Engineer on site to support your conferencing and events staff at key conferences (subject to satisfactory notice).
  • Branded support services with your own guest telephone number and response (minimum guest connection room number required)
  • Load balancing and bandwidth management support on integrated networks

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