htm, like many other telephone vendors, have seen the evolution of roaming related devices in the industry. Deployed by hoteliers as a means of keeping key staff connected for maintenance, housekeeping and management, the use of paging and DECT related products is well known. With the advent of SMART mobile devices and convergence of devices onto telephone systems using internet based wireless networks and their access points, the capability to deliver Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) is now a cost effective proposition that every business should consider. At htm we have embraced the innovative work undertaken by Samsung in their delivery of a single entity in the form of a “Technology Eco System” delivering fixed telephony and mobile communications over a Samsung wireless infrastructure. One network, delivering all your communication needs across the property. And when you step outside, your mobile moves seamlessly onto your chosen airtime provider network thereby maximizing internal and external mobile hardware and minimizing cost of both devices and call charges.

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