• How will you service and support my property from Milton Keynes?

    All service calls come directly to our offices in Milton Keynes, where we use the latest hardware and software remote diagnostic technology available. The majority of the issues which arise are addressed remotely from the htm Help Desk. When required, htm will dispatch an engineer to address on-site issues.
  • Who will install and service our systems?

    htm takes ownership of customer satisfaction from start to finish for the installation and service during the life of the maintenance contract. htm install 100% of the systems that htm sell using htm direct cross trained engineers. htm have a variety of maintenance options available so your hotel can continue to enjoy uninterrupted, quality communications for a long time after htm install the new system.
  • How do you (htm) calculate costs and define pricing?

    Price is the value of the technology and the cost of doing the job “Right First Time”. Changes in specification, mistakes, errors, or a lack planning usually results in additional resources being spent by the property to address these issues. htm prides itself on giving its customers a complete proposal, including steps that many other companies unfamiliar with the hospitality industry might miss. Any htm proposal contains a thorough hotel property and technology review.
  • I’m happy with my local company – why should I switch?

    htm offers the latest in telecommunications technology and has many longstanding client relationships. Partnering with htm, a company which works exclusively in the hospitality industry, will enable you to benefit from htm`s understanding of the details and issues particular to each hotel installation. Performing consistently, on a daily basis, throughout the UK and Ireland, as htm has done until now, means that htm will repay your faith in htm when you make the change.
  • What size of properties have you installed?

    We have installation experience on a wide variety of properties from small country house hotels to five star prestigious city hotels such as the London Marriott West India Quay or The Scotsman in Edinburgh. Our sales, installation and service teams work as a cohesive unit with one goal in mind — your complete satisfaction with your new communication systems, regardless of the size of your property.
  • What areas do you (htm) service?

    With htm systems installed across the UK and Ireland, in addition to working on cabling and other projects on request in Europe. htm can provide hotel support and equipment maintenance services to most areas.
  • Can you provide any other services?

    htm provide a full hospitality technology portfolio for voice and data solutions. Whether you are a large business or small boutique, htm can assist Please see our products