Our “Right First Time” Approach

Meeting your hotel technology needs and developing a true service partnership takes time. It is hoped that from your initial or ongoing engagement, large or small, htm are seen as a company you will share your vision and actively work with to implement and service your hotel technology strategy.

Whether providing the complete solution into a new hotel or integrating a single product into an existing operation, the htm “Right First Time” approach is to spend sufficient time with you to really understand your complete requirements.

Delivered. Supported. Reported.


htm takes time to understand the project requirements before the work commences, agreeing on processes and working methodologies.

Key steps in this project and liaison work can include but are not limited to:

  • Asking you to appoint an appropriate hotel person, to act as a dedicated point of contact for the htm project manager.
  • Jointly assess the impact of the system upon new or existing hotel technologies (use feedback from equipment trials if applicable).
  • Installation planning, communication plan and project updates, including meeting with owners, managers and other project stakeholders.
  • Providing a training manager during the closing phases of the installation, to maximise the effectiveness of htm hotel staff training.
  • Post installation work remotely or at the hotel to make minor system changes and provide refresher training.

Example: To deliver “Right First Time”, htm will often undertake work which many other companies do not, such as testing 100% of all installed connections, ports and communication devices unlike some other companies who only rely on a 10 or 20% port spot check which may result in incorrect guest billing.