POSTED 20/10/15

htm ltd was asked to provide a solution to replacing an ageing Philips Sopho telephone system with its separate DECT-based cordless telephone system for staff, using WiFi as the medium to replace the old DECT technology.

In choosing Samsung as the technology solution, Crowne Plaza Kensington is the first hotel in the UK to fully embrace Samsung’s integrated Telephony and WiFi solution that uses the Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and Samsung’s new Dual Radio WiFi Access Points as a core of the new solution. 25 staff now have Samsung smartphones as a mobile device that allows them to have one number for their IP Deskphone and their Galaxy Smartphone. Key staff now have fire alarm notifications directly to their Smartphones and also benefit by having the Samsung Xchange “presence” feature, allowing them to see who is talking to who, within the building, or even outside the building.

Crowne Plaza Kensington agreed with htm that the right investment decision is to make WiFi available across the building, including the terrace at the back and all administration areas, rather than consider any DECT-based replacement technology. Samsung makes this decision easy for hoteliers by building- in clever software into its WiFi Access Points and Galaxy range of mobiles / Smartphones whereby the Smartphones are constantly looking for the best signal. This means that staff can communicate with confidence and it maximises the value of the investment in new WiFi Access Points.

As part of the installation, htm replaced the entire guest WiFi solution that was in place with the latest Samsung Dual Radio Access Points, along with a new ANTlabs E Series Guest Internet Server, set up to deliver class leading HSIA solution for all guests.

The smartphone now has a place in the workplace as a genuine business tool. So much so that whenever we look at new installations, we now ask whether each member of staff actually needs a desk-phone at all.