Meteor voicemail is the ultimate service for handling your hotel guest and staff messages. A proven hotel and serviced apartment voicemail solution, installed in hotels throughout Europe, fully supported by the htm service team.

The Meteor Voicemail solution also acts as an auto-wake-up solution, with proper alarms on failed wake-up calls and full, detailed historical reports on wake-up call activity. Invaluable! Meteor is fully integrated to MICROS Fidelio and other leading PMS systems for hotels so that any failed wake-up calls are prompted onto FOH screens.

Try managing a group wake-up call for 200 guests. Auto-wake up solutions from Meteor are easy!

A guest arriving tired, possibly on the red-eye into Heathrow enters their room. She is only thinking of starting the laptop, collecting the e-mailed presentation from the office and to freshen up. A colleague in another room telephones, followed by a call from the London office and then an ex-colleague who knows the flight has arrived. The result is a rushed and possibly stressed guest, who fails to use the time after arriving to her best advantage. Voicemail is still a valued service.

Voicemail for guests was primarily a tool for staff to be able to leave messages for guests instead of taking down written messages. It is STILL used to put through callers for guests which is a much easier option for staff. Don’t forget that trying to encourage staff to “take messages” for guests can result in disasters. Language errors, translation errors, with the best will in the world, are bound to happen and it is much safer to encourage a caller to leave a message for your guest. Don’t risk it, use voicemail!!

Meteor system Wake-Up calls are used by hotel guests at some hotels up to a maximum of 35% Monday to Friday during certain weeks of the year. The global Meteor average across all installed hotels is less at 10 to 20%, subject to leisure guest content, weekends and holidays.