HTM standard voice, telephone and switch support and maintenance contracts allow for some customisation to best suit your needs. Your hotel may be a London or Glasgow hotel with little requirement for 24/7 coverage because of your high tourist guest percentage.

HTM understand this which is why the support and maintenance contracts offered are as flexible as we can make them, including offering switch or telephone maintenance for free in some circumstances.

HTM Standard Service – Monday to Friday, 09:00 am – 5.00pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

This covers:

  • Telephone system cover
  • Internal system cards
  • System handsets
  • Internal building cabling
  • Key interface alarms (as per technologies or systems being supported)
  • htmVoice hotel Lines or 08 numbers and other related and supplied products.

Should this be not enough, you have the flexibility to choose from any of the following commonly requested options:

  • 24 hour a day cover, 365 days a year
  • Weekend and public holiday cover
  • Central processor only cover
  • TeleMatrix and Mitel SIP or Touch Screen systems and devices
  • Tele- worker handsets and other key worker only cover
  • Additional training cover (helps address issues relating to loss of knowledge due to staff turnover)
  • Disaster recovery – making provisions to have your systems up and running should the worst happen to your business (i.e. fire or flood)
  • Reporting and response time fault view of the HTM Service Desk

In addition, HTM also offer bespoke services which are specifically tailored to your hotel needs, it may be something such as asking to include:

  • 15 minutes per site per day (fixed, not cumulative) free telephone system remote programming for moves or changes.
  • Reduced engineer on site response times than those normally contracted.
  • Engineer on site for key conference, contracted out to event organizer for VoIP and Wi-Fi set-up and support.
  • Structured cabling support services for integrated solutions and CTI.

New corporate clients, a multiple occupancy day and night let for an Air Crew or simply a move of key staff to a new office during a refurbishment are all factors which have prompted hotel clients to change their provider to HTM.