Mitel Upgrades to a number of former Hotel Collection and Thistle Hotels, now rebranded Jurys Inn plus the last remaining SX2000 Upgrades for Hand Picked Hotels. Plus Mitel MiCollab installations in Jurys Inn Hotels.

A decision was made to upgrade all remaining SX2000 systems to become Mitel 3300 systems, across 11 sites, cleaning up the various comms rooms as part of the work. This not only extends the serviceable life for at least another 5 years without any fear of hardware becoming redundant, but allows the roll-out of IP networking for Hand Picked Hotels, for example, which gives the ability to route (and control) all calls between hotels and the CRO seamlessly at no cost to the group, with the aim of maximising the use of the CRO and minimising lost calls.

As part of the upgrade plan for Jurys, we are implementing Mitel’s MiCollab Smartphone solution, allowing staff mobiles to use the WiFi network when walking around the hotels. This will also have an interface to fire alarm panels, effectively replacing old paging installations and combining the benefits of DECT and paging into one new smartphone solution. Any money now not spent on DECT or Paging can be spent on maintaining an effective WiFi solution, which is the only intelligent way forward.

As with any tech refresh, new UPS’s are installed and all comms rooms tidied up. If you don’t tackle these points at such a time, when do you ever get around to it?