POSTED 12/16

Hyatt Birmingham – replacing Mitel SX2000 phone system after 27 years of service

The Mitel SX2000 telephone system that served Hyatt Birmingham since the late 1980’s, with its 319 Guest Rooms and Suites, has finally been replaced by a new Mitel 3300 solution, completed by htm Ltd in 2016, proving that an investment in a Mitel Telephone System has really been the best choice for any hotelier. We think that it amounted to 27 years of service, with only a few changes in-between and some of the old Digital phones were still be used up until the day we removed them. How many other IT investments have provided 27 years of service?! Cloud solutions for voice have their place but, for many hoteliers, there may not be enough of an advantage to a Cloud solution to warrant the far higher overall costs to the business? Having replaced all the core hardware, htm Ltd set about assisting the Financial Director with a plan to reassess and reduce all telephone lines and install Mitel’s MiCollab solution to allow corporate smart devices or mobiles to use the WiFi network as a DECT alternative, which, in our opinion, is the right choice to make. Hyatt birmingham copy