Posted April 2018 – Following on from our installation at Crowne Plaza Kensington, we were asked to assist the 204-room hotel with understanding and then extricating itself from a long-term telephone system rental contract, a rental agreement that was costing the hotel far too much and yet was almost impossible for a “layperson” to understand what was being billed each quarter. Just working out what was being billed turned out to be a full day’s work. Even for someone who understood the terminology. The project can be split into:

  • Working on some new installation standards documents with IHG in Denham
  • Installing new Mitel3300 on-premise system (overall circumstances did not suit the Mitel MiCloud offering)
  • Setting up a large quantity of MiCollab users with Samsung Smartphonedevices to provide building-wide VoWIFI Mobile telephony solution for staff
  • Installing a BlueSky Fire Alarm solution to provide alarm notifications to MiCollab users
  • Installing a new Connected Guests Call Management / Wake-Up / Voicemail solution
  • Supplying and installing new Vtech Guest Room phones
  • Working with Paul Watson (GM) and his team on trialling a world-first Mitel application to provide far more information on FOH telephone screens than has been available before.

Once all the above is live, we hope to persuade IHG, Paul Watson and his team to listen to all the work we have been doing to integrate IoT solutions into MiCollab and the Bluesky solutions…all in the name of improving communications between staff. Given the fact that Brexit is around the corner, we are being asked to look at all options to maximise the effectiveness of staff. And the “Internet of Things (IoT)” does help to do just that.


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